6 Piece Soap Bar Set

In Your 30's

Our Tropical Soap Bar Set offers six botanical oil-imbued Jojoba Oil bath bars. Miracle Wash induces a revival of the body and mind with anti-inflammatory Tea Tree Oil. Mood-boosting Cool Mint will invigorate through Eucalyptus Extract. Grapefruit Extract-infused Tropical Cleanse helps exfoliate dead skin cells, while increasing cell production. Purifying Zing will invoke a clean, zesty pore-purifying post-shower feel. The Floral Detox will calm your mind and body, setting the stage for a more restful, restorative slumber. Sweet-smelling Soothing Citrus will leave your skin feeling beautiful!

Take a visit to somewhere tropical just by stepping into your shower! Our Tropical Soap Bar Set offers six botanical bath bars that offer benefits ranging from inflammation reduction, exfoliation, invigoration, and more. You'll enjoy a completely different, but wonderful, experience each time you use a new bar. You'll never go back to your old body wash after your skin gets a taste of tropical rejuvenation.



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