Art Naturals Argan Oil 4 oz

In Your 30's

Our 100% Argan Oil is full of Argan kernels which are exclusive to Morocco and are delicately harvested then naturally processed to bring out the rich vitamin E infused oil that goes into every bottle! Packed with essential fatty acids, Argan Oil is perfect for moisturizing and restoring troubled areas of dry and aging skin around the neck, eyes, and decollate. Argan Oil is also ideal for restoring and strengthening weak, damaged, and brittle hair; just add 2-3 drops into preferred shampoo or conditioner. Restore its natural shine while delivering healing moisturizers and keratin. Add a small amount to dry or cracked lips for a soft, plump look!

Relieve the damage your skin has encountered over the years with our Argan Oil, an all natural therapeutic grade oil all the way from Morocco! You'll want to add this healing solution to your weekly skincare routine to help bring back your natural glow and complexion. Offering a long list of long term benefits, there's very few things Argan Oil cannot treat when it comes skin (and hair!) rejuvenation. It's no wonder this versatile oil has grown in popularity over the recent years!