Art Naturals Brush Hair Straightener

In Your 30's

Our Brush Hair Straightener brings together the best design and materials for unsurpassed results, seamlessly detangling hair and knots, painlessly and effectively. The innovative design evenly distributes heat for effortless straightening of even the thickest, matted, or knotted hair. As a bonus, 10ml of Argan Oil is also included! Set at a high temperature for thick or curly hair and low for fine or thin hair. Use long, continuous strokes starting just above the scalp and continuing in a downward motion. Keep heated brush away from water. Allow brush to cool down and store in dry area.

Ever wish you could brush your hair while having it magically straighten in the same process? Our Brush Hair Straightener is the perfect solution to getting your desired hairstyle in half the time. You may have come to learn that not all straighteners are created equal as some may be made poorly and ultimately damage hair while others are inconvenient and bulky to use. It's the perfect time-saving tool to use for any hair type!