Art Naturals Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub 8.8 oz

In Your 20's

Art Naturals Arabica Coffee Scrub exfoliates skin and reduces cellulite with this 100% natural dead sea salt and coffee scrub. Our caffeine ingerdient is a rich source of antioxidants which fight the free radical process while eliminating unwanted cellulite.

The infamous coffee run; phone in one hand, cup in the other, we've all been there. Its no secret caffeine is the quickest way to go feeling fatigued to energetic. Art Naturals Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub is a rich source of energy for your skin without breaking the bank. Our deep exfoliating scrub will leave you looking and feeling invigorated. So, before you reach for that next cup of coffee, make sure you've given your skin the caffeine boost it so desperately needs, energize your skin from the inside out.