Blackhead Remover Tool Set

In Your 30's

Remove blackheads, pimples and blemishes in the privacy of your home without exposing yourself to contaminants. Manufactured with premium grade stainless steel, our Blackhead Remover Tool Set includes 5 Double Looped Tools and a premium bonus case! Stop using your fingers which can cause even more blemishes. Our Blackhead Remover Tool Set allows you to easily take on blemishes and facial/body impurities of any size, even those located in the most conspicuous parts of your body. This is the perfect tool set for those with sensitive skin. Our high-quality products won't corrode or react negatively while being sterilized.

Just when you think you lucked out as a teen when it came to acne, all of a sudden you see it in the mirror...a blemish commonly known as a blackhead. Blackheads are actually the result of oil and dead cells that have been trapped in a pore and, after coming into contact with bacteria, ends up blocking the duct. While this can sound unpleasant, our Blackhead Remover Tool Set offers a sterile and gentle solution to clearing those pesky face blemishes! Say goodbye to pinching skin for good.



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