Callus Remover Heads

In Your 30's

Keep your feet silky smooth, crack-free, and free of rough patches with our exclusive replacement Callus Remover Heads. Everyone knows how important it is to shave with fresh blades, so don't short-change your feet with old and worn out callus rollers. Replace your old rollers and treat your feet to a smooth and effortless pedicure in the comfort of your home! Replacement of your roller heads take just a few minutes. The Callus Remover Heads are guaranteed to perform as good as the originals. Keep in mind that heads should be replaced every 3 to 5 uses depending on area and duration of use.

There's nothing worse than finishing off an outfit with a cute new pair of sandals only to reveal dry, cracked feet. Our Callus Remover Heads remove all the excess dead skin often found on your feet, revealing a smoother and softer complexion. No more hiding your feet under your chair! They take just a few minutes to install and use so we won't be surprised if these become one of your favorite tools in your medicine cabinet!