Clear Skin Drying Lotion

In Your 30's

Say goodbye to age spots, sun spots, blemishes, and acne with our Clear Skin Drying Lotion's natural blend of plant extracts and soft emollients. Clear your pores of dirt and oil while exfoliating and peeling away dead skin cells that contribute to blemishes, acne, and wrinkles. Our exclusive formula is gentle on all skin types and is absorbed right into your skin on contact while reducing the appearance of pores, minimizing blackheads and blemishes, and enhancing the overall clarity for a renewed complexion. Use daily for those with acne, psoriasis, blemishes, age spots, sun spots and more.

Our Clear Skin Drying Lotion aids in cleansing your skin of impurities while reducing the appearance of blemishes and brown spots. Don't be fooled by its gentle formula, this lotion goes deep into your pores delivering noticeable results after just one use. You'll revive a dull complexion with daily use. If you've only concerned about a few particular blemishes, the lotion can be used as a spot treatment or use as a complete facial solution!



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