Cooling Mineral Water Misting Spray

In Your 30's

A unique and innovative way to keep skin cool, hydrated, and glowing while on-the-go! Our Mineral Cooling Spray is non-drying, ultra-hydrating, and instantly cooling to both face and body. Purified mineral water infused with skin-soothing Aloe and complexion-cooling Cucumber Extracts revive and rejuvenate a tired complexion. A makeup bag must, it sets and tones skin prior to makeup application, while setting makeup with effective stay-put power. During the day, it quenches thirsty, parched skin with just a few, quick botanical-rich bursts! Say hello to hydrated, gorgeous, and glowing skin!

Keeping your skin hydrated is important to maintain healthy skin. Just like you're recommended to drink water throughout the day, maintaining moisturized skin is essential to your natural glow. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and keeping them well hydrated throughout the day will help them run at optimum levels. Spritz on our Mineral Cooling Spray to preserve hydrated skin and soothe a dull complexion!