Dead Sea Mud Mask : Nature’s Blessing

In many types of beauty products, companies try to hide behind names that mean something else. But in this case, a Dead Sea mud mask is exactly what it sounds like. Mud from the Dead Sea is used to cover your face, or really any part of your body, for it's healing, detox and rejuvenating effects. Since Dead Sea mud is all natural, it is one of the best things you can do for your skin by coating it with Dead Sea mud.

Everyone the world over, wants healthy and fresh looking skin, particularly on their faces. A Dead Sea mud mask gives you that and much more, to both beautify and protect your skin. It even works to control skin blemishes like acne, wrinkles and tired dried skin, transforming it into a smooth and glowing surface that everyone will notice.

Bar Refaeli and More

One of the most acclaimed super models in the world is Bar Refaeli. She is a Dead Sea mud convert, and she literally slathers her body, head to toe, in the stuff. Dead Sea mud is loaded with minerals, and it revitalizes her skin every time she applies it on. Here's a picture of Ms Refaeli covered in Dead Sea mud standing on the shore of the Dead Sea.

Bar Refaeli is very vocal about what a Dead Sea mud mask can do for her, but there are many A-List celebrities that also love what a Dead Sea mud mask does. Check out Khloe Kardashian in her own mud mask, and it is rumored that all of the Kardashian's use a Dead Sea mud mask on their faces. Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, and even guys, like Michael Buble go for Dead Sea mud too!

What Exactly is in Dead Sea Mud

When Dead Sea mud has been analyzed, it is found to contain high levels of the essential minerals calcium, boron, potassium, magnesium, iron and strontium. Now, we can't go into the complete break-down or benefits of any of these minerals, that would take too much space, but we can say this. In the combination that they are found in Dead Sea mud, these minerals act to give a healthier cell production, and healthier cell production on your skin means you are restoring it, refreshing it and reviving it every time you apply Dead Sea mud onto your face or body.

Beauties Throughout History

The first recorded visit to the Dead Sea for the healing powers of the mud came with the Queen of Sheba. Of all the concubines and wives that King Soloman had, he considered the Queen of Sheba as the most beautiful and loving woman he ever knew. And to keep herself beautiful, she traveled to the Dead Sea for the healing and soothing properties of the mud. She is the first recorded woman to don a mud mask for it's beautifying and detoxification properties, although most likely, natives to the area knew about this for centuries. The Queen had to get her information from somewhere, and maybe some of the local beauties gave her their secret.

Another great beauty of the period, Cleopatra, also partook of Dead Sea mud masks. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of the ancient world, wife of both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, and she relied on the powers of the Dead Sea mud to keep her that way.

Proven to be Healthy for Your Skin

First and foremost, Dead Sea mud will improve the elasticity of your skin. That means less wrinkles and less rough spots, and that may be reason enough to use it. But it goes deeper than that, so deep that it will literally aid in the relief of acne and and black heads, and your fine lines will disappear. That makes you and your skin look younger, while even doing away with dark circles under your eyes.

Most everyone that applies Dead Sea mud will feel a tingling sensation when first put on, which gives credence to its therapeutic properties. That is a good indication that it is working, and people have even reported that it will diminish cellulite and stretch marks after several applications.

It is said to pull the toxins from your skin, and it kills the acne bacteria on your face, minimizing breakouts in the future. With all of these properties, it is like therapeutic healing at the touch of your Dead Sea mud covered fingertips.

The Best for You

Beauty comes from natures purest forms, which is why Dead Sea mud is so important and in such a high demand. For most people, it’s all about beauty, art and nature.



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