Demrelax Pain Relief Cream

In Your 30's

Designed for alleviating minor sports-related injuries, muscle soreness, and other non-threatening, everyday aches and pains, our all natural Demrelax Pain Relief Cream quickly gets to work once absorbed. Bruise-beating Arnica and anti-inflammatory MSM Powder instantly impart temporary, much-needed relief to your workout woes, while supporting speedy restoration of healthy body tissue and increased joint flexibility. Immune-boosting Frankincense Oil has been shown to help alleviate chronic stress, enhance mood, and reduce pain and inflammation associated with common workout wear and tear.

With all that we encounter in our daily, hectic lives it's nice to know that there's a product that has our back, or legs, or arms...Our all-natural Demrelax Pain Relief Cream is a handy product to keep in your purse throughout the week. Rub onto sore muscles after an intense workout or apply to unattractive bruises you want to heal quickly. Upon absorption, you'll feel instant relief which reduces inflammation while ultimately enhancing your mood!



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