Hair Fusion

In Your 30's

Our Hair Fusion is an incredible hair building product with all natural cotton fibers that bond with the scalp and existing hairs to seamlessly fill out balding and thinning areas on the head and scalp. Working with your natural hair, our tailored fibers look just like natural hair and bond with the scalp in a seamless fusion which lasts until your next shower. It's important to not begin application until you've completed styling to existing hair as fibers do not comb or style. For an even stronger hold, a sparse amount of hairspray can be applied after application to begin your day full of confidence!

If you've been noticing your hair thin over the years, we recommend using Hair Fusion. While there are procedures and drugs you can take for hair regrowth, why bother when you can choose a healthier and more natural alternative? Instead of resulting to hats and wigs, our Hair Fusion works with your natural hair to create a more voluminous and healthier-looking mane. It doesn't come with the discomfort of wearing a wig; you can face your day in full confidence knowing that you've achieved your desired look without the worry of it appearing fake.