Ingrown Hair Removal Serum

In Your 20's

Art Naturals Ingrown hair Removal Serum's natural ingredients moisturize, eliminating razor bumps and burns. Ingredients include Purified Water Infused with Tea Tree Oil, Organic Aloe, Organic Lavender, Chamomile and Lavender Distillate, Rosehip Seed Oil, citrus fruit extracts and Vitamin D Methanol for a burst minty freshness.

Say hello to our all-natural solution to removing those pesky little bumps and hairs. Art Naturals Ingrown Hair Removal Serum is infused with natural extracts, which work together for gentle exfoliation while cleansing your pores, and allowing trapped ingrown hairs to become untangled and dislodged. Our gentle solution heals while rushing cooling relief to your skin. So, go ahead and wave goodbye to ingrown hair and razor bumps.