LUSH Eyelash Serum

In Your 30's

Our LUSH Eyelash Serum enhances the growth, health, and beauty of your natural lashes! It is made with Swiss Apple Stem Cells to help those with breaking and thinning lashes, leaving no residue or irritation. Our unique formula enhances, conditions, moisturizes and strengthens thin and weak lashes using its potent ingredients that work together to improve their appearance and health of your lashes and eyebrows. You'll lashes will look fuller over time while opening up their overall look. Say no to thin lashes, the use of falsies and numerous layers of heavy mascara!

Who needs false lashes when you can enhance your own? Our LUSH Eyelash Serum strengthens lashes while making your eye zone appear more dramatic. This is a recommended product to use if you use a lot of mascara throughout the week. Your lashes will become stronger and fuller after just a few treatments!



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