Makup Setting Spray

In Your 30's

Now, with one easy application, you can lock in the perfect "just applied" glamorous look all day with our Makeup Setting Spray. Helps with cracking, fading, and melting of makeup, mascara, and blush all day long. Don't let long work hours, or a big night out, be ruined by fading makeup that reveals fine lines and wrinkles. Eliminate having to step away from friends and fun to make sure your makeup is not running or to reapply makeup throughout the day. Be sure to follow with our all natural Makeup Remover to keep your skin clear and free of bacteria that can arise from wearing makeup for too long.

Whether it takes you 10 minutes or 3 hours to apply makeup, you'll want it to last for as long as it can without having to keep retouching and reapplying! There's nothing more inconvenient than having your makeup run without having the time or tools to retouch on the go! You'll want to spray a few bursts of our Makeup Setting Spray to your face to lock in your look for the day. Step out and conquer your day in full confidence!



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