Oh My Scrub! The Coffee Craze

Millions of Americans can't start their day without a cup of coffee. After all, the caffeine boost can help people jump start their day in a way that they can't get from anything else, beverage or otherwise. But research has also linked coffee with other health benefits, such as a liver health, a decreased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and a decreased risk of depression, among others. However, what many people don't realize is that coffee's benefits extend well beyond its use as a beverage. Yes, coffee grounds also exhibit a variety of benefits when it comes to your skin.

Allow us to explain. You see, coffee grounds can be used as part of a natural deep skin exfoliator to keep you looking great. Exfoliation, as you likely know, is the act of removing residual dirt and dead skin from the body to give way to new skin, thereby giving your skin a much more youthful, fresh look.

This post will take a closer look at the latest craze when it comes to coffee - and this craze doesn't having anything to do with your favorite Starbucks latte.

An Overview of Coffee Scrub Usage

You might be wondering just how coffee can help keep your skin looking great. The key is in all of the antioxidants in the grounds as well as the caffeine content. Just like you need to mix hot water, sugar and creamer to create that perfect cup of coffee for your morning commute, in order to create an effective coffee scrub, such as that of Arabica Coffee Scrub, the grounds also need to mix with the right ingredients for the best end result. When mixed with these other natural ingredients, such as salt and sugar, this coffee scrub mixture can serve as a deep skin exfoliator, cellulite reducer, puffiness reducer and skin smoother. It also can serve as a scrub that can improve circulation.

What's more is that coffee scrub is soothing. Yes, because it uses natural ingredients and is absent of many of the chemicals that are found in the more conventional body scrubs, the skin is better able to be moisturized and nourished. In other words, good coffee scrubs won't just clean - they'll also rejuvenate the skin. That's something that you can't get from your standard run of the mill body wash.

Coffee Scrub Benefits

We covered some of the major coffee scrub benefits already, but they're worth revisiting. The main benefits are:

Deep skin exfoliator: Exfoliation removes the likes of dirt and dead skin from the epidermis, or the outermost layer of the skin, to keep you looking younger and better as new skin takes its place.

Improved blood circulation: Better blood circulation might not benefit the skin as much as some of the other coffee scrub advantages on this list, but it helps with the distribution of oxygen to the body's extremities and also aids the heart and muscles.

Reduction of cellulite: Although this is just a temporary benefit, coffee scrub can also help to manage cellulite, or the fat deposits that exist directly below the skin's surface. The secret to the scrub's battle with cellulite lies in the caffeine, which has historically been one of its key enemies and used as a means to fight fat for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Reduction in eye puffiness: The caffeine is the key ingredient associated with this benefit, as it's long been associated with its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its cellulite reducing ones.

Smoother skin: This is another benefit to the exfoliation process, as when old, dry, dead skin is removed, fresh, new skin replaces it on the body's surface.

    While not a direct health benefit, coffee scrub also smells great and leaves you smelling great following application.

    Coffee Scrub: A How-To Guide for Best Results

    So just how do you utilize coffee scrub for the best results? After you have the right product on hand, here's a step-by-step guide on how to best apply it:

    • Start from the legs and work your way up your body.
    • Scrub your body in a circular motion as you work your way from toe to head. Doing so stimulates the lymphatic system for better overall detox and end result.
    • Coffee scrub can be used on the face, but you should proceed with caution when doing so. That's because the scrub may be a little abrasive and it can be somewhat uncomfortable to apply to the face and facial area.
    • After you've applied the scrub, rinse it off. Because of this step, it's wise to administer the scrub before bathing.
    • It's recommended that you administer coffee scrub about once a week for best all-around, consistent results.

    Coffee Scrub: DIY or Purchased?

    While it is possible to create your own homemade coffee scrub at home from the ingredients that we've listed in this post, it's not particularly recommended. Why? Because there's a strong likelihood that you'll incorrectly mix or create the scrub, which can do the opposite of all of the good that coffee scrub is known for. So instead of creating your own scrub, we recommend instead purchasing a quality Arabica Coffee Scrub. Some things are better left to professional products, especially when it comes to your look and overall appearance, so we'd advise foregoing any type of DIY creation and making sure that you're applying the best product possible to keep your skin looking great.

    For many Americans, coffee is the best part about waking up, as it is rejuvenating, refreshing and the perfect mix of caffeine and great taste to help people start the day out right. But as you can tell from this piece, the benefits of coffee extend well beyond the boundaries of a cup. Products like Arabica Coffee Scrub use coffee grounds to serve as a deep skin exfoliator to keep your body looking younger and more vibrant. Give coffee scrub a try today - you might just be surprised at how much better it works than your traditional body cleanser.



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