Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover

In Your 30's

Maintain the beauty and health of your feet with the Rechargeable Electric Callus Shaver! Delivering the best in quality and performance, bring the spa to the privacy of your home with a seamless and water resistant shaver that can accomplish the toughest tasks while getting rid of hard, rough skin at the bottom of your feet. Dead, dry skin can make you feel uncomfortable about showing off your feet. You'll now wear sandals and flip-flops comfortably knowing that your skin looks refreshed and healthy. One of the best parts is that the rollers that are included are good for up to 10 uses!

Finding it difficult to schedule a salon pedicure into your busy schedule? Our Rechargeable Electric Callus Shaver removes all the excess dead skin and other impurities found on your feet, revealing a smoother and softer complexion. No more feeling embarrassed or shy about showing off your feet! This shaver is easy to install, use, and clean so we won't be surprised if you start favoring at-home pedicures over salon services!