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How it Works & Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Reward points

You can earn reward points for your engagement with Art Naturals, which can be used toward credit and discounts on your future purchases. In addition, when you refer a friend to Art Naturals, both you and your friend will earn reward points.

Create an Account
When you create a new account on our website, you will earn 200 reward points. Therefore, you are just 300 reward points away from getting your first $5 discount toward Art Naturals products.

Sign up for the Newsletter
When you sign up for the Art Naturals newsletter, you will earn 200 reward points which will be added to your account. These reward points can be used toward future purchases on Art Naturals products.

Refer a Friend
When you refer a friend, you will earn 1,000 reward points for each friend you refer, once they’ve made a purchase. These reward points can be used toward future purchases on Art Naturals products. In addition, each friend you refer will also receive reward points which can be used to earn discounts on their future purchases of Art Naturals products.

Redeeming your Reward Points

Once you have earned a minimum of 500 reward points, you can redeem those reward points toward vouchers toward your future orders with Art Naturals. There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn and redeem.

Examples of possible Rewards:
For 500 reward points, you will receive $5 off your purchase with Art Naturals.
For 1,500 reward points you will receive a 20% discount on your order with Art Naturals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split my voucher between two orders?
No, your voucher needs to be used in one purchase.

Do I earn reward points on shipping and tax?
You will earn reward points on tax, but not shipping.

I just created a new account, but I do not see my reward points in my account. What do I do?
Please allow up to 10 minutes for your new reward points to show up in your account. If you still do not see your reward points after 10 minutes, contact us at

How do referral points work?
1. When you refer a friend they will receive points as long as the person being referred uses the link provided.
2. Your referred friend will receive points for signing up and making a purchase.
3. You’ll receive points when the person referred makes a purchase.