Soleil Protective Body Tanning Oil

In Your 30's

Natural botanical oils, such as Jojoba, Kukui Nut, Avocado, Rice Bran, and Apricot Kernel intensely hydrate, preserve, and protect skin, while imparting a gorgeous luminosity and a radiant finish with our Soleil Protective Body Tanning Oil! This richly-moisturizing formula instantly melts into skin, sealing in much-needed moisture for long-lasting, all-day hydration. Free radical fighting Green Tea and sea algae extracts help guard skin against everyday environmental aggressors. Coconut Oil tones and tightens lax skin, firming elastin fibers. Helps diminish dreaded dimpling with no need to go under the knife or laser!

Skin protection against UV rays should always remain top of mind while sunbathing. There are actually a few benefits that the sun provides us like boosting our levels of serotonin as well as providing a healthy dose of Vitamin D. If you've become a little more concerned about skin cancer and the signs of aging, you can still achieve a natural and safe sun-kissed glow by using our Soleil Protective Body Tanning Oil. It'll provide the perfect amount of moisture and protection your skin craves while in the heat!