Sunscreen Stick 2 Pack

In Your 20's

Art Naturals SPF 50 Sticks are the natural alternative with Beeswax as the primary ingredient in our formula. The SPF 50 Sticks provide powerful defense against harmful UV rays and other skin-damaging aggressors like heat and environmental factors that break down collagen in your skin as you continue to encounter them each and every day. Our mineral-based sun protection is ideal for those areas of the body that are most prone to sun damage like your nose, cheeks, lips, scalp-exposed hair parts, ear lobes, and in-between toes.

On the run, don't have time to pause and spray or apply sunscreen lotion? Designed for a no mess application, like chap stick, but for your skin. Art Naturals SPF 50 Sticks can be applied on wet or dry skin, perfect for daily use even on the most sensitive skin.