Sunscreen Stick 2 Pack

In Your 30's

Our SPF Sticks are the perfect products for on-the-go, mineral-based sun protection, especially for those areas of the body that are most prone to sun damage like your nose, cheeks, lips, scalp-exposed hair parts, ear lobes, and in-between toes. Its convenient size allows you to get into these smaller body areas. But don't judge these portable sun protection sticks by their small size! They provide incredibly powerful defense against harmful UV rays and other skin-damaging aggressors that break down collagen in your skin each time you encounter them.

All those days of skimping on sun protection in our twenties may have finally caught up. Many people associate sun protection and sunscreen with beach days but the truth is, you need to apply sunscreen every day you plan on being in the sun, even if it's just for a few minutes! Our SPF Sticks are the perfect on-the-go products to keep in your purse for easy coverage. Apply them to sensitive areas like hands and ears to preserve your complexion.



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