Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier

In Your 30's

Transform dry and stale environments into a refuge of fresh, breathable air with our sleek Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier. Ultrasonic technology gently distributes moisture throughout the room, increasing your environment's humidity through a gentle and smoke-free mist. USB compatible plug allows you the ease of taking it anywhere, transforming virtually any space into a clean air oasis. Relieve dry, chapped lips and skin while promoting respiratory health. Modern and sculptural in design, the volcano humidifier is a chic addition to any office, cubicle, bedside table, or living space!

Fill your room with aromatherapy essence using our Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Humidifier. You'll create a spa experience at home while enjoying the extra hydration your skin needs. The scent of your favorite essential oil with fill your mind and body. Perfect to use when you want to feel calmer and relax after a long day.