artnaturals® Top 8 Essential Oils & Oil Diffuser Set

Art Naturals®

How To Use

The milk and cookies of diffuser sets. Dunk some drops of our Top 8 Essential Oils into the tank to make your house smell like a home.

1- 10 ml Rosemary Oil; 1 -10ml Sweet Orange Oil; 1-10ml Lemongrass Oil; 1-10ml Frankincense Oil; 1-10ml Tea Tree Oil; 1-10ml Peppermint Oil; 1-10ml eucalyptus Oil; 1-10ml Lavender Oil

Remove diffuser lid and fill basin with water up until the max line. Add a few drops of your selected essential oil and replace the lid. Press M to turn on and enjoy the aromatic mist. Press L for light.

How to use in your

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