Art Naturals® Deep Exfoliation Mask for Feet Peel, 2 Pairs 2.4 oz Each with Natural Lavender Scented

Art Naturals®

How To Use

Step into summer with the latest foot care trend - the single-step wearable booties containing skin-smoothing lactic and mandelic acids, that gently and effectively exfoliate dead, unsightly skin cells from bottoms of heels and toes. No more scary "potato grater" callus removers or messy scrubs. These plastic booties contain a propriety-blended callus-killing cocktail of glycolic acids and essential oils to remove calluses safely over a 14-day period, revealing baby soft and smooth feet.

*Results may vary*

Water, Gylercin, Alcohol, Mandelic Acid, Sodium Dodecylbenzemesulfonate, Lactic Acid, Milk Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tead Tree Extract), Aloe Vera Extract, Zinc Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Triethanolanine, Lavandula Ausustifolia Extract, Parfum
Soak feet in warm water for 15 minutes. Pat dry. Slip booties on clean feet and secure with enclosed adhesive tape. Relax for one hour, then remove and rinse feet with soapy water.

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