Hand Sanitizer | Face Mask in Stock

We’re delighted to announce that after weeks of tough negotiating, we have successfully secured lower pricing for the high-quality ingredients we use to formulate our hand sanitizer. And when our costs go down, your costs go down!

So please, stay home, stay safe, and take advantage of our lower prices.

Body Washes

*Please be advised, due to high demand, all UK and EU orders of Hand Sanitizer and Aloe Vera are on preorder, and will ship 30 days from purchase date. We appreciate your patience.
Men's Body Wash
Men's Body Wash
Stop stealing her body wash and get one manly enough to take on your dry skin.
16 1 5 5
Tea Tree Body Wash
Tea Tree Body Wash
Feel a minty Tea Tree tingle every time you shower with this skin soothing wash.
104 1 5 5
Tea Tree Bye Bye Blemish Kit
Tea Tree Bye Bye Blemish Kit
Say bye to blemishes and hi to clearer skin with our powerful Tea Tree Kit.
1 1 5 5
Tea Tree Face Wash
Tea Tree Face Wash
Feel the Tea Tree tingle and face the world with clearer, more toned skin.
38 1 5 4


When it comes to feeling refreshed, don’t just cleanse your skin, clear your skin! Our tingly, Australian Tea Tree-infused Body Wash wakes up your skin with an invigorating natural scent. Our specially formulated, plant-powered ingredients help give you a deep down clean that evens skin texture and remove impurities to promote softer, smoother skin.Our all-natural body washes contain natural antibacterial properties, plus healing aromatic botanicals, including Peppermint and Eucalyptus, help remove surface impurities to deodorize, refresh and soothe skin.