5 DIY Fall Essential Oil Fragrances To Cozy Up To

5 DIY Fall Essential Oil Fragrances To Cozy Up To

Autumn’s most relaxing days fall somewhere between Halloween candy coma and Thanksgiving family frenzy. This is the perfect time to cocoon yourself in a fragrant Fall refresh before the holiday season sets in. All you need is a warm wood diffuser with the right collection of aromatic essential oils. We’ll show you how easy it is to create 5 fab essential oil blends that’ll keep you as cozy and comforted as your fave Fall scarf!


Need some motivation to leave your warm, cozy bed in the morning? This stimulating scent mix, as refreshing as a walk through a fragrant forest, will ease you out of bad without caffeine. Warm, woodsy Frankincense paired with crisp, cool Pine, and a burst of fresh, energizing Tangerine, is the perfect blend to get your mojo going on those cool Autumn mornings.

free spirited woman twirling on forest trail


Nothing says Autumn like crunching through falling leaves and inhaling the woodsy aromas. But if you don’t have time to nurture yourself in nature, you can still bring a fresh Fall vibe home. Crisp, cool Pine paired with minty, stimulating Eucalyptus, and softened by soothing Lavender gives you all the Autumn feels.

girl hiking in woods while looking up at fall trees


Ah Fall… time to revel in the return of sweater weather and the comfort of mulled apple cider. A fun way to get into the spirit is to create an awesome Autumn vibe in your home sweet home with soothing scent. Just plug in your diffuser and add warm, exotic Cinnamon, plus woodsy, herbal Rosemary, and a tang of bright, Sweet Orange to spice up your Autumn days and nights.

woman covering face with bright orange autumn leaf


When an Autumn chill is in the air, it’s the perfect time to plan a homey staycation and cozy up by the fire. We’ve got a soothing scent to inspire your fireside chillaxing. Earthy, grounding Patchouli, warmed by woodsy Frankincense, and spiced with a burst of Sweet Orange is just the thing. Breathe deeply and inhale the Autumn bliss.

harvest picture with woman holding harvest scent essential oils


Got sleep goals? This dreamy Autumn blend will have you floating off to dreamland on a cloud of bliss. Scent your bedroom with peaceful Patchouli, mixed with relaxing Rosemary and luscious Lavender. Breathe in sweet dreams, and breathe out the cares of the day.

woman twirling while autumn leaves fall in park

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