5 Tips to Treat Your Skin the Day After Halloween

5 Tips to Treat Your Skin the Day After Halloween

It’s about that time of year again, when you’re getting ready to unleash your scary side, possibly with an abundance of makeup! However, the scariest part of your week may be waking up to your skin the day after. Yikes! Don’t worry, artnaturals has your skin care needs covered with these 5 products and tips to keep your skin looking radiant and glowing well after Halloween!

Clarifying Face Wash

Before applying copious amounts of potential pore clogging make up, make sure your skin is clear to begin with. If you’ve got oily skin, the last thing you want to do is gunk up your precious pores without deep-cleaning them first. Don't just wash your face before slathering it in scary substances, clarify it with a face wash designed to help banish the appearance of blemishes and scare off clogged pores.

Rosewater Toner

In addition to using our clarifying face wash, treat your skin to a healthy rosy glow with our Rosewater Toner designed to cleanse, tighten, and tone the appearance of pores. It’s appropriately formulated with Witch Hazel to soothe and calm your skin before applying makeup.

Makeup Wipes

Halloween makeup makes your costume work, but it makes your skin work even harder to stay clear and comfortable. That’s why you need an extra duty cleanse to get all the gunk off your face and wipe away all traces of the night before. Our deeply hydrating, super nourishing makeup wipes are just the trick you need to remove even stubborn, scary, waterproof makeup that should never see the light of day! 


Serum Trio

Forget the scary needles and injections, just get glowing with our super replenishing Serum Trio with everything you need to banish the appearance of frightening lines, wrinkles, dark spots and dry skin. Say goodbye to scary skin and hello to silky skin!

Rosehip Oil

Now that you have eliminated all evidence of the night before, it's time to get your skin glowing again with a little bit of Rosehip Oil. This beauty from Mother Nature will replenish all the oils you’ve lost from all that drying Halloween night makeup. Bonus, this deeply moisturizing, antioxidant-rich oil also gives you hydrated, luscious lips with a slight rosy tint.

You’ll love our Natural Skin Care Starter kit featuring our top 7 skin care products for a naturally flawless face! 

If you really want to go all out this year, you can get all these nourishing natural products in one cool kit. Why not save money and save your skin all at the same time!

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