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Purple Collection

Purple Conditioner
Purple Conditioner
A purple haze to tone down brassiness and lighten up blonde and silver shades.
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Purple Bundle
The Purple Bundle
Everything you need to get your most beautiful blonde hair ever.
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purple hair mask
Purple Hair Mask
Hey blonde bombshell! Brighten your goldilocks with our purple power mask.
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Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Duo
Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Duo
Goodbye brassy blonde and hello bombshell blonde with this purple power duo.
33 1 5 4
Purple Shampoo
Purple Shampoo
Brighten blonde tones and sass up silver shades with the power of purple.
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Go from brassy blonde to bombshell blonde with our richly emollient Coconut Oil-based shampoos and conditioners formulated just for your light locks. Hail to the power of purple pigments to tone down brassy yellows that dull your blonde and silver hair. Be the blonde you were born to be with bright, shiny, tangle-free hair that shines as brightly as you do!