Standard Walnut Oil Diffuser

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Our chic dark wood grain finish diffuser complements your modern and traditional decor. The larger size will envelop your entire home in a soothing cocoon of scent. This beautiful dark wood diffuser allows you to effortlessly create a scented sanctuary space without leaving home. Ease tension, relieve headaches, reduce stress, and improve your sleep. Just sit back and relax, and let our modern dark wood diffuser do all the work. Breathe in and bliss out!
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Wake up and smell the aromatherapy! When you choose to diffuse your favorite scent, whether it’s uplifting, relaxing, or therapeutic, you’ll get a spa experience in the comfort of your own home with our chic dark wood diffuser. Invigorate your mornings, uplift your afternoons, and ease into evenings with your choice of pure, natural Essential Oils, sold separately.

Standard Dark Brown 400ml Diffuser features dark wood finish, ultrasonic cool-mist technology, 3 to 6 hour mist settings, and 7 soothing, LED color-changing lights.

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What it doesDark wood diffuser designed for your modern decor blissfully scents your space.
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