This large Himalayan salt lamp is an approximately 5-6 pound crystal of 100% pure pink Himalayan salt on an attractive wooden base with wall plug in and adjustable dimmer switch.

Each artnaturals pink Himalayan salt lamp, light bulb included, features the natural beautiful form of Himalayan pink salt carved straight from the Khewra mine in Pakistan, located at base of the Himalayas. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with the perfect Himalayan salt lamp for office, desk or home.

100% natural pink Himalayan salt boosts positive energy to create a sense of harmony and balance and creates a warm orange glow that helps relax the body and quiet the mind. This soothing, adjustable lamp is perfect for use as a Himalayan salt lamp night light.

Made with pure clean salt and packed with tons of powerful minerals, this is the perfect Himalayan salt lamp for kids or for the nursery. Unlike fake salt lamps made of synthetic materials which may release unwanted chemicals that can aggravate the sinuses, this is the perfect pure natural Himalayan salt lamp for allergies.